Should You Add A Kitchen Island?

Kitchen Islands – Does Your Kitchen Need One?

One of the popular practices now is adding a an island to the kitchen. But, is it necessary to have a kitchen island? Are there benefits to having an island in your kitchen? If so, how should you determine whether your kitchen needs an island or not? In this article, we will briefly considers answers to those questions.

Kitchen Island & Bar Stools

Kitchen Islands – Are They Worth It?

Many modern homeowners would answer that question with a resounding “Yes!” Their enthusiastic, affirmative answer might stem from some specific trends seen in the real estate industry.

When it comes to real estate value, an important facet of a home’s worth is whether it has what buyers want. Historically, there have been features that have a tendency to increase a home’s value. Some of these features include:

  • An Open Floor Plan
  • An Updated Bathroom Design
  • Neutral Wall Colors

One of the emerging value-building features in kitchen design is adding an island. Incorporating a kitchen island into the design of the room has a tendency to add value. Why is that the case?

One reason, is that it creates a focal point around which much family activity takes place. When having friends over, an island can serve as a central area from which to serve food or arrange dishes to allow your guests to serve themselves. Another reason a kitchen island adds value to a home is that it provides additional storage by means of lower cabinet space. Finally, The added surface area to the kitchen can make food preparation easier and more convenient.

Is A Kitchen Island Necessary?

The short answer to that question is no. Yet, kitchen islands continue to be a popular addition to existing kitchens and a feature that home buyers continually seek.

So, even though it is not necessary for your home to have a kitchen island, it can add value to your home. However, does that mean that you should automatically begin making plans to remodel your kitchen and incorporate an island into the new layout?

Kitchen Island and Pot Rack

What to Consider Before Adding A Kitchen Island

In order for a kitchen island to be a good fit your kitchen there are some key elements that you will need to keep in mind. For example, is there enough room for the feature? This is a good thing to consider because adding an island to a kitchen can be quite an undertaking.

Additionally, if there is not enough room for it, it can simply consume space and not provide enough benefit to make the feature worth the time and investment.

However, if you do have the space to add a kitchen island, the increased storage space and surface area can boost the value of your home. In the end, whether or not you decide to incorporate an island into your home’s kitchen is your choice to make. Yet, it is good to be aware of the benefits that can be obtained if you do choose to add this popular feature to your existing kitchen.


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