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What Makes a Stone Cleaner the Best?

You are no doubt able to find many views on the Internet regarding that question. Some that comment on that topic will focus on the price and nothing else. Others will take a variety of factors into consideration. In fact, even before you use a particular cleaning product on your granite surface you an be affecting the performance of any stone cleaner you use in the future.

You may be asking yourself, “Why is that the case?” And that is a good question. The answer is, because stones are porous and they are absorbent. Now, that is not to say that every stone is absorbent to the same degree. But the do have pores that make them absorb substances to varying degrees. And that can affect how well any granite cleaner will perform.

Granite Cleaning is Part of a Maintenance Program

This concept as well as the idea of which is the best granite cleaner was covered previously on our Lustro Italiano website. But the short version of it this:

  • Protecting the stone makes it more resistant to staining or discoloration.
  • Using the proper formula for the stone protection enhances the protection of the stone.
  • Keeping the stone protected on a regular basis is the key.

So in reality, becoming educated about how stone is maintained is what is the key. Once the understanding is there, choosing the best granite cleaner is just the last step. For this reason, we have prepared a variety of information geared toward clarifying what stone care is all about. We understand that convincing our customers that our granite cleaner is the best is not as important as helping granite owners learn how to use the best granite cleaner effectively. After all, the tool’s potential can be limited by user’s ability.

If you have already used the granite cleaner and are happy with the performance of our granite cleaner. Thanks for choosing Lustro Italiano. If you have not tried Lustro Italiano stone cleaner and would like to, now is an excellent time to give it a try.