Color Palettes & Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Design Color Palettes

Are you looking to remodel or redesign your kitchen space? Are you beginning a journey on the arduous and satisfying path of new home construction? Perhaps you are not building your home, but you are looking to purchase an existing home and the kitchen design is very important to you. Whatever the reason for your kitchen design color palette research, you can find some great ideas by learning a little bit about design palettes. In this article, we will take a brief look at four popular color schemes for kitchen design and discuss why each is a popular choice.

Black & White Design

The first color scheme in our consideration of kitchen design color palettes is Black & White. This color scheme is popular for a variety of reasons. Yet, one of the foremost reasons for the popularity of Black & White is its impact. Why does this color selection make such an impact? For one thing, pairing black and white together projects a clean, sophisticated look. In fact, the fresh elegance that is conveyed through this color scheme is a popular choice for all kinds of rooms; not just kitchens.

B&W Kitchen Design Color Palettes

The black and white color palette might make you think of modern, contemporary interiors. Yet, these are not the only kinds of designs that can utilize the power of this dynamic color combination. Other potential design styles that compliment this color scheme include French Country and Traditional design styles.

The dynamic impact of the black and white color scheme can also be enhanced by making use of accent colors. Accenting your black and white design by adding a splash of color adds a bit of “spark” or “pop” to an otherwise simple, elegant presentation.

Muted Tones for Kitchens

Using muted color in your kitchen design adds a calming atmosphere that draws you into the room. What exactly are muted colors? Depending on what kind of “muting” you are trying to achieve, you can go about it a couple of different ways. The end result is that you end up with color that lacks vibrancy (or saturation). This means that there is color, it just is not as “loud” or “bright” as the non-muted version. Hence, the result is a calming effect on the occupant.

Muted Colors With Hue

Using muted colors in your design scheme can mean that your room looks and feels relaxing – or laid-back – while still projecting a sense of style. As with other design palettes, muted designs often make use of accent color to add bits of excitement and “energy”. If you are striving for a calm look, a muted color palette may be just what the doctor ordered.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

The third design palette that we will take a brief look at is the monochrome color palette. This color scheme is one that produces a harmonious, unifying look and feel. Achieving this look is accomplished by simply making use of various shades of the same color hue. The result is that your entire room will appear as a whole and stand as one complete work. Again, accent colors can be used to provide a focal point or to contribute to the overall feel.

Monochromatic With Palette

The versatility of the monochromatic color scheme is a big reason for its popularity. Since there are many options available when using a monochromatic palette, this color technique can be used along with other ones to produce harmony. For example, One room of the home uses the monochromatic palette based on one base color. Then, an adjacent room uses the compliment of the first as its base and utilizes a monochromatic palette from that base color. Really, the possibilities are endless. The idea is to be aware of this technique and experiment with it.

Rustic Interior Design Palette

Rustic designs are readily identifiable. These designs are composed of “earthy” colors and textures. For example browns and wood grain textures are examples of colors and textures that convey the feeling associated with nature. Although this image features a design that makes use of wood, other colors and textures can be used to construct a rustic design. For example, concrete or natural stone like marble or granite are excellent choices for a rustic interior design.

Rustic Kitchen Design Color Palette

All things considered, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to choosing between kitchen design color palettes. We merely considered four of the many options that are available, but it is easy to see how creativity can be used to put together an interior design that not only compliments the other parts of your home, but also projects your sense of style in a way that transfers feelings and emotion.

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