Travertine Repair Kits

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Repairing Travertine Imperfections

Browse around the Internet for travertine repair and you will find a number of solutions. You might find pages that advertise professionals that will come to your home or business and restore your travertine for a price. You will also find a number of articles that will talk about why cracks occur in travertine and how to prevent them.

However, if you begin searching the phrase how to repair travertine, you will come up with results showing how you can use products to maintain or repair a variety travertine imperfections. These “imperfections” include cracks, holes, and chips in the stone that are detrimental to its appearance. When you begin researching the how-to articles you will see that filling travertine is not that tough once you know what to use and how to use it.

Travertine Repair & Restoration Kits

If you are a stone professional it sounds logical to have a large quality of travertine filler on hand, particularly if you have a lot of customers with travertine floors or you do restoration work. However, for the average home owner, there is no need to keep that amount of filler for travertine on hand. So getting the right amount for the right situation is necessary. Fortunately, You can get travertine repair and filler kits on our retail site.

These travertine restoration and repair kits are designed for uses that require smaller amounts. For example, let’s say you have a couple of tiles in your travertine floor that have lost some of the filling that was used in the factory. Using the proper Lustro Italiano travertine filler kit, you can have the tile repaired in no time and looking as good as new.

These travertine filler kits are available in transparent along with three opaque colors that include:

  • Brown
  • Buff
  • Grey

The repair process takes only minutes and there are step-by-step instructions available on the website.