This blog serves as a supplimental resource of information to the Lustro Italiano website. Like natural stone, resources come in variety. This page will explain the purpose of this blog and describe the content it will contain.

Stone Resource

Anytime you own a product, it helps to know at least a little bit about that product. Not educating yourself about a product can lead to various difficulties or problems with the product. For example knowing the differences between granite and marble can be very helpful because it can come in handy when you begin to select your stone care products. Since each natural stone has strengths and weaknesses, knowing how you should take care of the stone will allow you to select the right product for the stone and prevent you from treating the stone with harmful substances or cleaners that can damage or mar your counter top.

This stone resource will convey information about stone characteristics, traits, and general information about natural stone or engineered stone in an effort to help you learn about these materials.

Information About Stone Types

Another aspect of learning about natural or engineered stone is the basic facts about the stone and how it is composed. This may or may not fascinate you but one thing is for sure, gaining a little knowledge about the stone’s composition can help you decide which material is right for your project or home decor. Because of this, we will periodically add geological information about various stone which will serve as a reference.

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