A Comparative Look at Marble and Granite

Perhaps you are a new homeowner choosing new counter tops. Or, maybe you have owned your home for many years and simply want to remodel your home to bring it up to date. Knowing how exotic stones compare to one another will help you choose the stone that is right for you.

The Choice Can be “Hard”

One aspect of natural stones that is often compared is the “hardness” of the stone. Natural stones vary in how hard they are and are measured on a scale (MOHS).

The main minerals found in granite (Quartz and Feldspar) are on the upper half of the scale for hardness. Conversely, a primary mineral of most marbles (Calcite) is on the lower end of the hardness scale. That means that granite is generally harder than marble. The hardness feature translates into durable vs. delicate.

Comparing Care Routines

Another aspect that gets compared often is the care that must be given to each of these natural stones. When it comes to maintaining and caring for granite and marble,there are similarities. One similarity is that both granite and marble should be sealed with a high quality sealant to make the stone resistant to stains that could occur from substances that can discolor the stone if it gets into the pores. In fact, the rule of thumb is this: Every natural stone should be sealed at least once every 3-5 years.

In addition to protecting your marble or granite with a sealer periodically, do not use household cleaners on the stone. Use a cleaner that is formulated for use on sealed granite and sealed marble.

Differences in Stone Care

As you can see, the basic care routine for granite and for marble are the same. However, there are areas of difference when it comes to stain removal or fixing discolorations.

The minerals in marble differ from the minerals that make up marble. Because of this, discolorations in marble are not necessarily the same as the discolorations that occur in granite. Before treating a any stain in your marble or granite counter top, research the stain and try to determine what caused the stain and make sure you follow the directions for treating the kind of stain that you have.

In the end, there are many similarities between granite and marble, the foremost of which is their beauty. Yet, as we have seen keeping these stones in their best condition can require specific, targeted care.

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