Smart Kitchens

Smart Kitchen Features – Technology Makes Kitchens Smarter

It seems like every part of modern life is increasingly making use of technology. Just since the first iPhone release on June 29, 2007, our lives have been booming with information. Information about people, places, and concepts. It seems as though everything in our day-to-day lives just keeps getting “smarter”. And the kitchen is no different.

In this post, we are going to take a look at how technology is making its way into kitchens all over. Along the way, we will consider some practical ways that “smarter kitchens” provide solutions to simple (and even not-so-simple) issues that arise.

Kitchens Are Smarter In Many Ways

When it comes to technology and practical solutions to common issues that occur, there are a few different facets to consider. Whether you are thinking about adding your kitchen appliances to your home network or just looking for more space, technology can provide solutions. Therefore, let’s briefly consider how technology assists homeowners in these three areas:

  • Smart Kitchen Appliances
  • Smart Fixtures In the Kitchen
  • Space Saving Smart Technology

Smart Appliances In the Kitchen

Perhaps you have seen the reports on television shows highlighting smart functionality of appliances. Some consider the ability to communicate with an appliance in their home a fascinating use of modern technology. Still others struggle to see the value in being able to get information from and pass information to items in the home.

Although not every specific use of smart appliances carries the same value, there are some practical uses for being able to receive data from select appliances. Let’s look at one specific scenario that many, if not all, of us have encountered.

Have you ever been at work and thought to yourself, “I need to stop at the store on my way home…” and then decided that you may as well just do the grocery shopping for the week? If only you had a grocery list that showed you which staples you need; then you could just get all of them in one stop and be done with it. Now you can.

You have no doubt heard of facial recognition software. Well, recognizing faces is not the only thing that software is capable of. Food recognition software is being utilized by a number of tech companies. And appliance brands are getting in on the action too.

One company offers a refrigerator that can recognize food that is inside and put together a grocery list for the homeowner. So, in our scenario this solution would prove to be very practical. And there are other situations where smart appliances might be a practical solution. But appliances are no the only items in a home where technology can benefit the homeowner.

Fixtures are Getting Smarter

Technology is benefiting homeowners in other ways. Appliances have not cornered the market on making things easier the family. Many aspects of the kitchen are becoming brilliant in how they perform their functionality. As a result, fixtures are getting smarter. For example, a simple faucet can now be turned on with just a touch (or even through speech).

One brand of faucets sports an entire line of faucets that respond to interaction by touch or voice and produce a running stream of water. Now that is practical technology in the kitchen! How so?

How many times have you or someone in your home been in need of running water while your hands were covered in raw food products. One specific case would be during the food prep for hamburgers. With a faucet that responds to vocal commands or by simply touching it with one’s elbow, there is no need to call for assistance from someone else. This technology is not as dramatic as the tablet refrigerator previously mentioned, but practical nonetheless. Our next example of practical technology in the kitchen finds itself in the area of storage.

Smart Storage Makes Great Functionality

Appliances and fixtures are not the only parts of the kitchen that are getting smarter. Cabinetry and storage also are becoming smart in the sense that technology is making them perform better.

Everywhere you look you will find folding, shifting, and cascading drawers, shelves, and doors. All of this functionality makes space more usable.

Space is not the only benefit that comes from better storage solutions. Efficiency also is realized when storage areas offer practical solutions; in other words, “working smarter not harder”. Case in point, a pull out wastebasket drawer with multiple compartments allows for the separating of waste. As a result, recycling becomes easier and more efficient because everything is right there together.

So in conclusion, technology makes the kitchen smarter in more ways than one. As we have seen, high-tech appliances may be a new twist on an old concept. Namely, using smart techniques to make your work easier and your time more productive.

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