Replacing Your Counters

Are You Thinking of Replacing Your Counters?

Are you thinking of switching out your current counters for new ones? If so, you might be interested in this post.

Perhaps you have recently move into a new home and you aren’t fond of the design of the kitchen. Or, maybe you are planning to freshen up the kitchen of the home you have lived in for decades. Either way, you might be kicking around the idea of replacing your countertops. If you are contemplating changing out your countertops, there might be some alternatives that you have not considered, one such option is refinishing the surfaces you currently have. But is it worth it?

Dark Tile Countertop

A Fresh Look At Your Surfaces

Even if you love your home, you may not be particularly happy with the countertops in the kitchen. This could be because the previous homeowner had different taste than you do. Or, you may have selected the surface that is currently in your home years ago but you have grown tired of the look of it. Finally, it just may be that you have the time and money to update your kitchen and you are exploring your options. If you are looking at options, you may have not considered the one we will briefly examine here; refinishing kitchen counters.

Replace or Refinish?

Could it be that refinishing your countertops might be a viable solution? Yes. In fact, many homeowners choose to refinish rather than replace old or outdated countertops and other surfaces. What are some of the reasons for this?

Some people choose to refinish because they want to save money and they are aware that replacing kitchen countertops can be costly; both in time and money. Because they want a new look for the kitchen but do not have a large budget, they explore the refinishing option. And when you consider the savings that can be realized, it is no wonder that many decide that refinishing is a better choice for their situation. How much can you save? Quite a bit actually; just ow much as well as other reasons that people select refinishing are discussed in a recent article we published on our Lustro Italiano website in the article, Should I Replace or Refinish My Countertops, Which Is the Right Choice for My Kitchen?.

Finding a Professional to Replace Your Countertops

If you are replacing your countertops and have decided not to do-it-yourself there are some techniques that you can use when searching for and hiring a professional to replace your kitchen surface. Here are some to keep in mind:

  • Talk to Many Professionals – don’t just randomly select one installer or countertop professional to replace your kitchen countertop surface. Interview many contractors and them specific questions. You may even decide to get references from other professionals such as retailers that are aware of the reputation of some of the professionals you are thinking of hiring for your project.
  • Get it In Writing – whether you get a proposal or an estimate, you want to have something to which you can refer. Trying to hold someone to an agreement that cannot be referred to can create headaches for you. Having everything written down can help you and the professional to clarify misunderstandings or spell out nuances that were perceived differently when the agreement was made.
  • Get Recommendations from Friends – asking around for recommendations can really be helpful when you need to find a professional to replace your countertops. This technique is simple but very effective ans easy to accomplish.

Choosing the Right Professional

Even if you find a professional with a great reputation and they have acceptable pricing you still need to consider one more thing; are they experienced with the material that you are selecting? This is important because each material may have certain requirements that other materials do not. Selecting a professional that has never worked with your chosen replacement material could leave room for mishaps or mistakes.

Whether you decide to refinish your existing surfaces or replace them, you will need to make sure that you know your options. And, once you have decided which kind of project you will be going with, the key is finding a knowledgeable, capable, and trustworthy professional to handle the project for you so that your new kitchen surfaces will bring you many years of satisfaction and happiness.


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