Why Quartz Is Gaining Popularity

3 Reasons Why Quartz Counter Tops Are Gaining Popularity

It is amazing how, in just a few years, a particular market can change. It wasn’t that long ago that granite counter tops seemed to be the material that everyone wanted in their home. It was viewed by some as the standard by which counter top materials were measured. Yet now, only a few years later, quartz seems to be the “buzzword” when it comes to interior design; especially kitchen design. But why is that the case? Why are quartz counter tops gaining popularity points with consumers?


Reasons Quartz Has Become Popular

If you have ever wondered why quartz surfaces are getting more and more popular, you are not alone. It is a very popular question. In fact, the search, “why are quartz counter tops so popular” yields 16.8 million results on one popular search tool. But why is this the case? Well browsing through some of those results, you will find a number of “reasons”. But many of the reasons given in those documents are repeats of similar concepts. In this article we will take three main reasons quartz is growing in popularity and break each one down to show why that is the case.

Three reasons more people are choosing quartz for their kitchen surfaces are:

  • Ease of Care & Maintenance
  • Appearance Can Be Controlled
  • Price Comparable to Granite

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these specific reasons for quartz being so popular.


Quartz Care and Maintenance Is Easy

The first reason quartz is gaining ground in the stone world is it’s easy to care for and maintain. That is not to say that other materials are hard to care for. Many Factors are involved when determining whether something is “easy”. Yet, you might agree that quartz is pretty simple to care for once you get the scoop. Let’s look at some specifics.

Non-porous Surfaces Are Easy to Care For

The porosity of a stone material affects it ease of care. Additionally, porous surfaces are more absorbent. So, porous stone will require a bit of maintenance if you want to keep it looking stunning for a long time.

Non-porous materials keep spills and stain-causing substances on the surface. So, if you spill on a quartz surface, it can be wiped up. And if it dries on the surface, it still can be cleaned because it is not absorbed into the stone’s pores. Furthermore, if you need to clean a quartz surface with something a bit stronger, all you have to do is reach for a popular quartz cleaner and get to work on the area to be cleaned.

Another characteristic that makes quartz easy to care for is that it is very hard. This means it resists chipping and scratching rather well. Although one thing to be aware of is its vulnerability to extremely high temperatures. Most of the information you will find about popular quartz products will mention that you should be careful not to set a hot container directly on a quartz surface. Many people though find this trade-off to be acceptable.

The everyday cleaning and care of popular quartz surfaces is accompanied by the maintenance (or lack thereof) needed to keep it looking its best. Since quartz is non-porous – as previously mentioned – there is no need to seal the stone periodically. Other stone materials need this treatment to help protect them from absorbing stain-causing liquids. And even though stains can be removed from natural stone surfaces, they still often need sealing to make it easier.

Because of how easy it is to care for and maintain quartz surfaces, people have been choosing this type of material ever more so in recent years. But maintenance-free, easy-to-care-for nature of quartz is not the only reason it has become so popular.


Controllable Design Palette

Our second reason that quartz is growing more popular is the ability to control its appearance. Since quartz is engineered, the design can be controlled during production. This means virtually any appearance is attainable. In fact, there are a number of variations being produced by quartz engineers. The color palette continues to grow each year as quartz producers gain a better understanding of what features and colors people prefer.

Color is only one aspect of the design that can be controlled during the manufacturing process. The color pattern and texture are also controllable. This means that quartz can be made to replicate many types of natural stone. Additionally, more color variations are available in a variety of patterns types. Add to this, the ability to produce different finishes, and you have the recipe for virtually any number of unique looks.

A large design palette is very appealing to a designer. As you can imagine, the freedom to coordinate quartz with many different looks and styles is a big draw for anyone trying to put together a unique design concept. So it’s no wonder that designers have taken a liking to quartz as their “go to” material for kitchen counter tops in more recent years.

So the ability to manipulate the color, the pattern, and the finish of quartz surfaces during the manufacturing process is the second of our three reasons quartz has grown in popularity. But let’s not leave out cost.

The Cost of Choosing Quartz

Our final reason that quartz has become so popular is the reduction in price. You might be tempted to think that since it has so much going for it, quartz is bound to be more expensive than many of the natural stone choices available in the market. And while that may have been true at one time, the pricing of quartz is now comparable to that of natural stone.

As a matter of fact, a Consumer Reports article compared quartz with the ever popular granite back in August of last year. One of the things the compared was the pricing of each stone type. In that article it was determined that the price of these materials was virtually the same. The article mentioned that the install cost ranges from $50-$110 per sq. foot.

So quartz is not more expensive than natural stone when you get down to the nitty gritty. And because this is the case, people have been selecting it as the material of choice.

So, as we have discussed, the popularity of quartz stone counter tops has exploded over the past few years. True, natural stone may still be the choice for many that prefer an all natural solution. Yet, because of its ease of care & maintenance, durability & scratch resistance, and competitive pricing, quartz has made its way to the forefront among its closest competitors.

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