Considering Counter Top Installation

What to Consider Regarding Your Counter Top Install

“Measure twice, cut once”. Those are the words that you will often hear when architects, engineers, or carpenters want to emphasize the importance of preparing for construction or installation. What kinds of specific obstacles can trip you up when you are having a counter top installed? In this post, we will consider four potential “trip hazards” of which you may want to be aware.

Educate Yourself On Stone Types

The more you know about various stone types, the more you will understand when you are discussing certain aspects of the install with your selected fabricator. Not all all stone material is the same. In fact, stone varies quite a bit in a few specific areas. First, the stone’s composition will vary. Second, each stone has a specific hardness. Third, the stone will have a distinct chemical composition. These factors along with others, will help you determine which type of stone is right for your project.

One benefit of educating yourself on stone characteristics is that it can help you understand certain aspects of the job. For example, understanding what goes into producing a natural stone slab can really help you to understand the pricing.

What can happen if you do not have at least a simple understanding of stone types? It could cost you in a variety of ways. For example, if you are unaware of how granite and marble compare to one another it can cause problems. Therefore, take a little bit of time to research some of the characteristics of the kinds of stone that you are considering.

Selecting a Fabricator

Selecting a Fabricator
Choosing which fabricator you are going to work with is an important part of the entire project. This decision will affect the out outcome of the rest of the project; for better or for worse. Hence, you want to know that the fabricator you choose is going to be easy to work with. Why is this so important?

One reason, is the amount of communication that you will be having with the fabricator going forward. Contacting someone to discuss your project is imperative if you are to have a smooth counter top install.

Another reason for choosing a fabricator that is easy to work with is the timeliness with which the project progresses. A quick search on Houzz, Google, or another research tool will show that their are more horror stories than one can count. So it makes sense to put serious thought into your fabricator choice.

Plan for the Fabrication Process

Installation of Countertop
Another area to consider when planning for your counter top, is the fabrication process. Once you have chosen a fabricator that you are comfortable working with, the discussion begins.

Fabricators generally recommend that you work with them on some specifics when it come to the cutting. Since each natural stone is unique, there will undoubtedly be some areas of a given stone that you find more appealing than others. Working with your fabricator to plan out which area of the stone to use and which parts to cut out will ensure that your counter top is as pleasing to you as possible. This is only factor that you will need to be involved with so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Preparing for the Installation

Finally, the fourth consideration that we will discuss in this post is preparing your home for the work. One of the biggest things that you can do to work with your fabricator is to prepare your home for the work. Let’s look at a couple of specific preparations you can make to assist with the installation.

First, create a clear path through your home so that the installation crew can get the stone to the area of installation. Be sure to keep in mind the size and weight of the stone as you make this preparation too. Managing a large chunk of stone is much different than bringing in a new microwave so be generous with your space.

Second, be sure there are no distractions or potential causes of interference in your home on the day of the install. For example, make sure that the home is free of any pets, people (other than yourself of course), or other obstacles that can make the work more difficult for the install crew.

The concepts that we have looked at in this post are just a few of the potential challenges that can come up when you are having a new counter top installed. There are others that we did not cover. However, these examples give you an idea of some principles to think about. If you choose your fabricator wisely, do what you can to make the project as clear and easy as possible, your new counter install will be a pleasant experience for both yourself and your fabrication professional.

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