Use Backsplash Techniques to Enhance Your Kitchen Countertop

Techniques For Making Your Countertop “Pop”

When contemplating a new kitchen or countertop design, it is a good idea to make sure that you take the backsplash into consideration. In fact, even the best looking countertops can benefit from a well-thought-out backsplash.

In this post, we will briefly consider 3 techniques you can use to enhance the look of your natural stone countertop. Each of these backsplash utilization techniques will help you to give an added boost to the look of your kitchen.

Use Color Techniques

Color techniques come in a variety of flavors and can be an effective technique for setting of your kitchen. Consider three ways that colro can contribute to an effective backsplash:

  1. Using Accent Color
  2. Bring Out Highlights In Other Surfaces
  3. Use Color As Contrast

Use Accent Color

Backsplash Accent Color

An accent color can be an effective way to really make your kitchen shine. If your natural stone surfaces are primarily soft or neutral colors, adding a touch of brightly colored accent can liven up the overall felel of the space.

Adding an accent color is simple. It can be as easy as randomly placing a bright colored tile in the backsplash every so often. The blue accent tile in the photo above is a good example of using accent color to add the look of a backsplash.

Other Uses For Color

Backsplash Highlights Cabinets

Color “highlighting” can also be used to draw attention to a less-significant color in another part of the room. For example, in the photo above, the backsplash tile makes use of color to “highlight” the color of the wood cabinets. This technique ties the wood to the wall, in a sense. Additonally, it makes the area look and feel unified.

Contrasting a countertop by using the same colors only in reverse is a third way that color can be used to enhance the look of your kitchen area. By using this color “contrasting” method, you can draw attention the uniformity of the color scheme. In fact, you can also add even more weight to the uniform feel of a design by combining color contrast with other backsplash techniques.

Color Contrasting Backsplash

The image above is a great demonstration of tying two areas together by contrasting the color usage. The dark color is the primary on the counter and the light color is the primary on the backsplash. By reversing the amount of color used in each space, the area harmonizes, but is not too flooded with either color.

So, color choice can be used in a variety of ways to really add enhancements to your kitchen counters and backsplash areas.

Use Contrasting Textures

Contrast Backsplash Texture

We have already mentioned how contrasting colors can add weight your design area. However, contrast can also be achieved regarding textures. This technique is used in the design shown in the photo above. The pattern on the counter features a “visual texture” that is very “busy” and random. The tile backsplash is simple and offers a spacious pattern that is structured (grid). The backsplash pattern has relatively larger spaces that are smooth.

Use Lighting Techniques

Backsplash Light

Our last technique for enhancing your kitchen backsplashes is one that may be easy for some to overlook. Lighting can add a subtle, inviting feeling to a space or it can wash a backsplash with ambient light. Either way, the same goal is reached; attention is drawn to the area.

In the image above the backspalsh itself is very simple. color contrast and texture contrasting is used in small doses to separate the two areas. Try to imagine what the area shown here would look like without the backsplash lighting. It would feel a little cold and perhaps even a bit washed out. However, the lights under the cabinets seem to add warmth and tie together with a hue that radiates from the color of the floor. The result is a simple, yet brilliantly designed area.

As we’ve seen in this post, impressive backsplash presentations can be accomplished by using one or more of the techniques we have discussed. Whether you choose to use color techniques, texture techniques, or lighting techniques you’ll no doubt see ways to really make your kitchen stand out and come to life.

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