Granite Colors – A Tour of Possibilities

A Brief Tour of Granite Colors

Research the Internet and you will discover that there are so many different colors of granite available that it can get exhausting trying to determine which color you prefer. Even when you know what color you like it can be overwhelming. This is because granite varies in appearance even within color ranges. In this post, we will take a brief tour of granite colors and discuss some basic points regarding the colors we discuss.

Color Composition In Granite

The type of minerals the rock contains will have an impact on its appearance. The color of a granite slab is largely determined by its composition. For example, the amount and color of the minerals a specific granite slab contains will affect the color of the stone.

Another factor that can contribute to the appearance of a granite slab is the amount of quartz it contains. This reflective mineral can enhance color and project a polished look or sheen.

Standard Granite Color Types

One of the first aspects of granite colors to contemplate is the brightness you prefer. Are you partial to dark shades? Do you prefer light, bright, or even vibrant colors? The brightness of granite might impact which stone you choose. Dark colored granite counter tops are excellent for use with lighter cabinetry colors. Using a dark granite this way provides contrast that can yield a striking and even dramatic presentation. Examples of dark granite are:

  • Black Granite With Colored Flecks
  • Dark Gray Granite

Brown Granite With Travertine Backsplash

And although pure white granite is hard to come by, you can find some light granite such as:

Another aspect of the color to consider is the hue. Will the room benefit from a color that is an earth-tone? Are you seeking something that is neutral? Neutral colors are found more in traditional design palettes and can allow for various furniture colors. Some examples of earth-tones include:

  • Brown Granite
  • Beige Colored Granite
  • Granite Gold Colors

Traditonal Granite Color

Although traditional granite colors provide flexibility, there are other hues that offer an exotic look and feel to a room. These hues are less common, but offer more artistic alternatives. These granite colors present very well when combined with muted and/or neutral colored walls and flooring. Two examples of exotic granite colors include:

  • Red Granite
  • Blue Granite

Vivid colors like the blue and red mentioned above are not the only examples of what some may refer to as “non-neutral” colors. There are many other colors that can dominate a granite slab’s appearance. In fact granite slabs contain some of the following colors as well:

In the end no two granite slabs are exactly the same. This means that even if you find a photo of a particular granite that you like and want, you will still need to select your exact slab from the slab yard. However, as mentioned in the introduction of this post, there are so many options that it is good to have an idea of what kind of color you’re looking for before you begin.

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