Choosing a Stone Counter Top – 3 Kitchen Design Trends to Consider

Kitchen Design Trends to Consider When Choosing Stone

If you are considering a new kitchen counter, then you appreciate the sheer number of things to consider. Additionally, if you are interested in keeping up with the current trends you know that there are many design aspects that can impact your desired presentation. Back in January of this year, Olivia Heath over at HouseBeautiful put together a great list of kitchen trends to watch for in the 2017 year. Some of the trends mentioned in that article may be worth considering if you are choosing a stone counter top surface. In this post, we will take a brief look three of those trends and discuss how they may impact your decision in stone selection.

Copper Accents

Copper Accent Kitchen Design

In the article mentioned above, LochAnna Kitchens is quoted as stating the following:

The main trend in color right now is towards grey and earthy tones with homeowners opting for simple, neutral coloured kitchen designs that will stand the test of time. In 2017 shades of grey in cabinets and doors will continue to be in demand and we will also start to see more copper coloured handles, accessories and appliances coming through as people try to find alternatives to stainless steel and black to complement their cabinets.
– LochAnna Kitchens

Copper accents in a kitchen can contribute to a rustic look and an earthy feel. Knowing which colors and kinds of stone to select can enhance the earthy feel and rustic look. In such cases, chossing a natural granite in an earthtone may be a good choice. Or perhaps a slate offering a deep green color would be a option. So, if you are one with an affinity for soft stones, consider researching soapstone choices for your earthy, rustic looks that can be accented with copper.

However, rustic and earthy is not the only ‘flavor’ that copper accents produce. Sleek, modern kitchens can be achieved with copper as well. In these cases, a different type of stone may be the target you are aiming for. Engineered stone is certainly one option that offers a contemporary, modern feel in kitchen design. Other contenders for projecting the smooth, straight-line modern kitchens include, quartz, and quartzite due to the generally uniform color and polished surface.

No matter which look and feel you are trying to achieve, copper accents can no doubt contribute to your overall presentation.

Industrial Look

Kitchen Design Industrial Style

The article under consideration also mentions another design trend that can influence your choice of stone. If you are reaching for the industrial look as a design concept, you may find that you have plenty of options in the way of natural and engineered stone surfaces.

Design elements such as exposed pipe and brick along with rustic metals and minimalistic furniture choices are non-counter top elements that can contribute to an industrial themed design. Selecting surfaces composed of concrete (perhaps for flooring) and marble or another natural stone surface (for the counter top) are ways to accomplish an industrial presentation.

Monochrome Tones

Monochrome Kitchen Design

Finally, the third design trend that may move you to select a specific stone is the trend of using monochrome tones in kitchen designs. Adding shades of grey to the consistently popular black and white is expected to increase. This means that many options in both the realm of natural and engineered stone can be incorporated in to the design scheme.

Marble is often available in whites and gray hues and when incorporated into a theme that features a good deal of black, you cna achieve an appealing monchromatic color scheme that works very well with modern designs and contemporary kitchens.

As we have seen, there is a lot flexibility in choosing a stone counter top. Even when the goal is keep up with current trends, the possibilities are virtually endless. However, keeping your objective in mind throughout the entire selection process from beginning to end can assist you with a kitchen that conveys just the right appearance for you desire and taste!

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