Preparing For The Big Game

Super Bowl Dinner Party Plans

If you are planning a gathering for the big game. You no doubt want to have everything just right. Your kitchen and dining areas will play a big role in your party’s success. What can you do to prepare for your guests?

nancyhugo-418242326Prepare Your Granite and Marble Surfaces

If your home is furnished with granite or marble stone surfaces, you’ll want to be sure and prepare those surfaces for your guests. All it takes is a little bit of vinegar based dressing or splash of a margarita unnoticed and in the morning you will find your self running a search online for the right etch remover.

Or, a little bit of mustard on your beautiful granite counter and you might be trying to find out how to remove a stain from granite.

By preparing ahead with a stone sealer, you will be protecting your granite, marble, or travertine stone from these stains before they happen. Because the sealer with put a barrier on the stone, it keeps the stains and the acid out of the granite and marble. These substances are what cause the etching and staining.

Prepare For the Following Event

After you have sealed your stone counter with a premium grade sealer, the easiest way to prepare the next time is to use a good granite and marble cleaner that will not break down the sealer you protected the stone with. Using the proper cleaner on the stone is important. Along with the right stone cleaner, you will want to use a marble & granite polish. Using a polish that has a sealer in it like the one from Lustro Italiano once or twice a month will gradually replenish the seal with each use – making next year’s Superbowl party much easier to prepare your stone surfaces for.

For now, enjoy this year’s event and have a good gathering!

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